The person behind the stories

A Louisiana local, Bo enjoys being outside with her family when the mosquitos aren’t trying to carry her away and the heat index isn't over 100.

The other 360 days a year, you can find her writing the next book, giving her chocolate lab, Chief his daily ear scratches, or picking up after the grown man-child she is happily married to (on most days) and their daughter.

The Author

Bo Grant

My hope has been to give you books that stick around in your head long after the last page.

No matter what, when I write a new book you can rest assured that I have spent thousands of hours crafting it to be the most fun for you, my reader.

Happy reading,


Reader question: Do you only read romance?

As a life-long reader, I find myself drawn to books across genres, thanks in part to having parents with vastly different book preferences, but romance, fantasy, and sci-fi tend to be the books you can find me reading a second time.

I strive to...

create MOMENTS OF joy in every chapter.